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Daily Bible Reading

Week of April 20-26

Our church family continues its reading from several chapters from the book of Deuteronomy. Don’t be overwhelmed by it. There are powerful applications found throughout the book including a strong sense of urgency by Moses as he wrote to serve God and only Him. Deuteronomy teaches that the relation of God to His people is far more than law. He is a jealous God, not because He rules with an iron scepter, but because He loves us – all of us. The indispensable conditions of our covenant relationship with God are not laws, but obedience and loyalty. The book is actually a plea for our obedience from God. So, take the next several weeks and ask the Lord to lead you into relevant biblical truth as you read His Word.

Sunday (20th)- Deuteronomy 27
Monday (21st)- Deuteronomy 28
Tuesday (22nd)- Deuteronomy 29
Wednesday (23rd)- Deuteronomy 30
Thursday (24th)- Malachi 1
Friday (25th)- Malachi 2
Weekend Bonus- Malachi 3-4
Memorize: Therefore, take care to follow the commands, decrees and laws I give you today.
(Deuteronomy 7:11).
Pray About It: Praise God for giving His Word, the Bible, that gives us clear direction for living and following Him. Pray that you will walk in increasing obedience to God’s Word and will for your life.
“Live-It” Challenge: Prayerfully ask God to show you and convict you of one area of your life where you are living in ongoing disobedience to His will and Word. When the Holy Spirit places this area of disobedience on your heart, do three things:
1) Confess this sin to God, asking Him to break your heart over it.
2) Repent, walk away from this pattern, behavior, lifestyle, or attitude.
3) Get help and accountability to stay on the right road in this area of your life. Allow strong Christians to help you stand strong and obedience to God’s Word.


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