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Daily Bible Reading

Week of December 21-27
From Pastor Tim:  This week, the daily Bible reading will involve several passages of scripture foretelling the birth of Jesus Christ, along with the actual account of His birth, etc… Even though you may not understand all the writings of each passage, it is important to read it and appreciate the significance of fulfilled prophecy, not only for us today, but imagine what it was like for the Jews of the New Testament, when for generations they had read the Old Testament scriptures foretelling His birth, now literally seeing the Messiah be born.
Sunday (21st)- Jesus will enter the Temple (this is important because the Temple was destroyed in A.D. 70 and never rebuilt): 
Prophecy- Malachi 3:1; Fulfillment- Luke 2:25-27 (for casual reading…Malachi 3)
Monday (22nd)- Jesus’ birth will be accompanied with great suffering and sorrow:
Prophecy- Jeremiah 31:15; Fulfillment- Matthew 2:16 (for casual reading…Jeremiah 31)
Tuesday (23rd)- Jesus will live a perfect life, die by crucifixion, resurrect from death, ascend into heaven, sit at the Father’s right hand:
Prophecy- Psalm 22:16; Psalm 16:10; Isaiah 53:10-11; Psalm 68:18; Psalm 110:1;
Fulfillment- 1 Peter 2:21-22; Luke 23:33; Acts 2:25-32; Acts 1:9; Hebrews 1:3
Wednesday (24th)- John the Baptist’s Birth Announcement:  Luke 1:5-25
                                Christ’s Birth Announced to Mary: Luke 1:26-38
                                Mary Visits Elizabeth & Mary’s Song:  Luke 1:39-56
                                John the Baptist is Born: Luke 1:57-58
Thursday (25th)- The Virgin Birth: Matthew 1:18-25
                            Christ born of Mary:  Luke 2:1-20
                            Jesus Presented to God:  Luke 2:22-24
                            Simeon Sees God’s Salvation:  Luke 2:25-35
                            Anna Bears Witness to the Redeemer:  Luke 2:36-38
Friday (26th)- Wise Men from the East:  Matthew 2:1-12
                        The Flight into Egypt:  Matthew 2:13-15
                        Massacre of the Innocents:  Matthew 2:16-21
                        The Family Returns to Nazareth:  Matthew 2:22-23 & Luke 2:39-40
Saturday (27th)- Psalm 84; Psalm 85; Psalm 86
Memorize: "The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).
Journal It: Jesus’ coming to earth not only established a way for us to connect with God, and eventually spend eternity with Him, it also provided grace. This is something we all need, without His grace we are nothing. Read Ephesians 2:8-10. List some ways in which you can use His grace during the Christmas season toward others.
Pray About It:  Ask God to help you understand, receive, and share His grace with greater intensity. Thank Jesus for His greatest gift of grace, His own life given on the cross.
“Live-It” Challenge: Think about one person in your life who does not understand the grace of God and the gift of Jesus. Identify one way you can extend grace to this person in the Christmas season…one unexpected action of kindness, a surprising gesture of love, or an undeserved act of compassion. If they ask why you did what you did, be ready to tell them it is because God has freely given you grace and you are seeking to pass it on.
Have a great week!


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