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Daily Bible Reading

Week of September 28-October 4
The Artist
Sunday (28th)- Genesis 1 & Psalm 8
Monday (29th)- Genesis 2 & Psalm 96
Tuesday (30th)- Job 38
Wednesday (1st)- Job 39
Thursday (2nd)- Job 40
Friday (3rd)- Job 41
Saturday (4th)- Romans 2 & Exodus 20
Memorize: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth (Genesis 1:1).
Reflection: (prayerfully consider the following) “How do I see God revealed in creation and what do I learn about God’s character as I look at what He has made?”
Journal It: Write down one place in creation where you sense the presence and power of God. How does this place connect you to your Creator?
Pray About It: Thank God for the wonder and beauty of His creation. Ask for eyes to see Him in the smallest and biggest things He has made.
“Live-It” Challenge: Take a fifteen minute walk this week, or spend this time sitting somewhere in God’s creation. During this time, look, listen, smell, and touch things God has made. Think about His creativity and love for beauty and thank Him for the good gift of creation.
Have a great week!


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