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Daily Bible Reading

Week of October 26-November 1
Sunday (26th)- Matthew 28
Monday (27th)- Acts 1
Tuesday (28th)- Luke 15
Wednesday (29th)- Matthew 25
Thursday (30th)- John 19
Friday (31st)- John 20
Saturday (1st)- John 21
Memorize: For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10).
Reflection: (prayerfully consider the following) How energetic are you about reaching lost people? How excited are you to invite someone to church…are you persistent? If someone rejects your invitation to church, do you still pray for that person?
Journal It: Fruit takes time to grow. It doesn’t ripen overnight. List one fruit of the Spirit that you sense God is growing in you (you are in the process…not fully where God wants you to be). Pray About It: Ask God to bring His mission and vision for your life alive in your heart at a deeper level than you have ever experienced. Pray for New Life to grow as a catalyst to help people become more effective in sharing the love, message, and truth of Jesus!
“Live-It” Challenge: Go deeper in worship this week and in church next Sunday. Think of one thing you can ‘physically’ do (raise your hands – come to the altar – dance – lay prostrate before the Lord, etc…) this week during your worship time and even on Sunday in church…as the Lord leads you.
Have a great week!


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